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Boys & Girls Clubs of the Capital Area (BGCCA) is a 501c3 non-profit that provides programs and services for local youth in Albany and Rensselaer Counties. Our mission is to enable all young people, especially those who need us most, to reach their full potential as productive, caring, responsible citizens.


This page explains the visual standards that comprise BGCCA’s brand identity and serves as a cheatsheet to help maintain that identity across our communication channels.

Questions? Contact Chris Alexander, Director of Marketing & PR, (518) 462-5528 ext. 1008 or Email


We are BGCCA

Without question, the Albany and Troy Clubhouses serve as institutions to their respective communities, and provide lots of cherished memories to so many.


The Clubs have served many youth over the years and all of them have their own unique perceptions of the organization. To some, the name means everything.  

Just like the Knickerbocker, the Pepsi, the T.U. or the MVP Arena, the name may change but the services always stay the same.

Albany and Troy 2019 web.jpg


The name change however is significant. From a brand, legal and fundraising standpoint, Troy Boys & Girls Club and Boys & Girls Club of Albany, no longer exist. These organizations merged in 2019 as Boys & Girls Clubs of the Capital Area. It's important that we maintain consistency whenever promoting the organization publicly. 

  • In our name, we always use '&

  • 'Clubs' is always plural

  • We should always refer to our specific BGCCA Clubs as Albany Clubhouse & Troy Clubhouse. The address should always appear after the Club name

  • BGCA says we should refrain from writing 'The' Boys & Girls Clubs of the Capital Area. It is OK when describing a specific Clubhouse, as in: the Albany Clubhouse or the Troy Clubhouse or simply The CLUB

BGCCA Logos.jpg


BGCCA's logo is available in horizontal and vertical orientations in white, black and color. You may access logos anytime as part of our Media Kit on the News & PR page.


The logo should be prominent, clearly readable and should never be altered, rotated or covered in any way. Ideally, there should be a buffer around the logo free from any other text or images. 

Download Horizontal Logos (png):


Download Vertical Logos (png):


BGCCA Logos.jpg

BGCCA Colors

BGCCA's primary color, (see color panel), is Pantone Process Blue and we should use this color most prominently in conjunction with our brand

We also have five preferred accent colors which may be used. We are not limited to these and can use any colors needed to suit the look of the project.

Pantone Blue                  #0081c6

Pantone Green 376       #84BD00

Pantone Orange 151     #FF8200

Pantone Dark Blue 301 #004B87

Pantone Purple 2592    #9B26B6

Pantone Cool Grey 11   #53565A

Size & Font

The ideal size for promotional materials is letter (8.5x11). Beware that some of the online design platforms like Canva, PosterMyWall, etc, often use a legal or extended size which will be cropped when posted to social media. Square sizes will work on social media but may look weird when posted along with other larger flyers. 

Any material that is too long or too wide may get cropped when posted on social media. 

The BGCCA preferred font is ITC Franklin Gothic but in a pinch you may use a sans serif font like Arial or Open Sans. The primary concern should always be readability. Remember to spell check!

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