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Images of the BGCCA Bunny

The BGCCA Bunny

Boy & Girls Clubs of the Capital Area (BGCCA) is honored to have Benny the Bunny serve both as the organization's official mascot and as inspiration for Capital Area kids of all ages. 


Bunny with banana


My name is Eggs Benedict, aka Benny, and I'm delighted to serve as BGCCA's official mascot!


I want to take a moment to express my gratitude for the warm welcome I have received since joining the BGCCA Family. As I settle into my new role, I am eager to demonstrate my enthusiasm and bring joy to those around me.

Just like many of the youth we serve, I, too, had to seek out BGCCA to find my place in the world. After a difficult start in life that included an injury that left me visually impaired in one eye, I have found solace and comfort in the caring environment provided by the BGCCA community.

I look forward to bringing a little bit of joy and positivity into the lives of those we serve!


Kids wearing glasses with the bunny.

​"I love to teach kids about the importance of having kindness and respect towards animals.  It's really special to see kids who were once afraid of animals, come and pet me on their own. We are building trust and learning that animals are friends that can provide companionship and comfort when we need it most."

Bunny with Great Futures jar

Join Benny!

Help to support Benny's favorite organization! 


All donations will benefit BGCCA and the youth we serve in Albany and Rensselaer Counties.

Benny's Favorite Programs


Benny loves Summer Camp because of all the fun stuff there is to do and learn. 


Benny loves Lyricism 101 because music is so interesting and fun to create and to hear.


Benny loves the Freight Farm because they grow delicious stuff that we can eat.

Bunny at SPAC

Benny is a big advocate for volunteering and loved to hop right in with BGCCA projects around the community. BGCCA offers flexible volunteer options for individuals and groups.

Bunny in a shopping cart.

Benny loves to go GREEN and donate recycling! Stop by your locals Hannafords and use the CLYNK kiosk to redeem your bottles & cans and choose the BGCCA as the recipient! 

In memory of Bobby

June 2015 - December 2022

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