Lyricism Program

Lyricism 101 is a program for members ages 13 to 18,  designed to cultivate and amplify the powerful, formidable voices of Club teens.

Lyricism 101 positions Club members as torchbearers and experts in the ancient oral poetic traditions that continue to thrive around the world. The program recognizes the power of the literary arts,  giving teens an opportunity to tell their stories, build community and express their artistic visions through the music of hip-hop culture and the culture of the cipher.

Help Support our Mobile Music Recording Studio

In an effort to reach more youth, the Boys & Girls Clubs of the Capital Area has developed a mobile music recording studio to be used for community engagement activities and music education programming for youth. The Lyricism 101 studio will provide an outlet to empower our teens through artistic expression allowing their voices to be heard in an engaging and productive manner thus providing an opportunity to become responsible citizens. Participants will not only build self-esteem but will achieve skills in creative writing, business practice, music production, studio engineering, and language development.

Lyricism 101 Mobile is an extension of the current Lyricism 101 program located at the Albany Clubhouse on Delaware Avenue. The program will feature a fully functioning recording studio and DJ setup for “Live” events. Program participants will write, produce and record their own music.


In 2018, BGCCA introduced the Lyricism 101 Program which is designed to cultivate and amplify the powerful voices of teens. It provides them with an opportunity to tell their stories, build community, and express their artistic visions through music.