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2022 BGCCA Music Festival promo

This event is made possible through the generous support of Maytag®.

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Interested in performing at the festival? All music must be clean and free from any derogatory language. All selected performers will be given at least 5-10 minutes on stage.

Please fill out this performance application

David Gordon Jr.

This event recognizes David Gordon Jr., who  began his journey with the Club in November 2019, when he started as a volunteer. In 2020, he was hired as the Program Manager for the Albany Clubhouse.


David has continuously gone above and beyond to serve the youth in our community. He has also worked tediously to renovate the Albany Clubhouse including:
- Repainting with bright colors
- Accessible and gender-neutral bathrooms
- Professional-grade recording studio

- Stage for open mic nights and performances
- STEAM resources: computer lab & Lego wall

- Lyricism RV (mobile recording studio)
- And so much more!

David has proven to be a leader who takes charge and is always seeking to do whatever it takes to make our Club and community a better place. Additionally, he has been vital in making the Club a hub for the community and has hosted numerous community events. 


Perhaps one of David’s most significant accomplishments has been his role with our Lyricism 101 Program which started with a single microphone, speaker and computer. David transformed the program by securing donations and developing a fully equipped indoor recording studio and our mobile Lyricism RV vehicle.

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Each year Maytag honors and rewards stand-out Club professionals who make a difference to kids and teens every day in their communities. Each of these individuals have gone above and beyond to prove their commitment to young people and better the communities they serve.


To reward their hard work and inspire continued programming that enables youth to achieve great futures, these honorees received the Maytag Dependable Leader Award and a $20,000 grant to support a program they want to enhance or implement at their Club.


BGCCA is honored to recognize David Gordon Jr. with this distinguished award and thank him for his tireless commitment to our Capital Area youth. Thank you, Mr. Gordon! 

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Lyricisim 101

Lyricism 101 offers access to music instruments and a music studio, with recording equipment & editing software, plus our mobile music RV!

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The CLUB is a safe and judgement free space for teens age 13-18 in Albany and Troy to be themselves and find mentorship and camaraderie.

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