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For the Love of the Club

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For the Love of the Club is a peer-to-peer campaign aimed at raising needed funds and awareness for Boys & Girls Clubs of the Capital Area.


Each 'Champion' shares their love of the Club with their personal and professional networks. Maybe it's a virtual birthday fundraiser or running a local marathon on behalf of BGCCA or maybe a bake sale. It's up to you.

Every dollar raised sustains our current life-changing programs and helps us identify additional programs and opportunities to help even more local youth that need us most.

We invite everyone to participate by supporting a BGCCA Champion or by becoming one!

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2024 Club Champions

Eric Beaulac

Jane Bessel 
Jimmy Bulmer
Jim Callister
Ryan Callister
Chris Dawson
Patrick Doyle
Ben Houck

Vicky Moi
Tracy Moore
Tim Pratt

Nora Ritinski
Matt Smith
Andrea Smyth
Christine Tramontano Faga

Sherrie Young

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Make a donation right now for the love of the Club.

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Become a BGCCA Champion

Scroll down to learn how to sign up to be a BGCCA Champion!

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How does it work?

Each champion will have their own For the Love of the Club fundraising page and link to personalize and share. We'll set it up for you!


Each champion will have a fundraising goal of $500 through the end of the year. There will be prizes along the way – and remember, you don’t have to stop at $500!


All donations, big and small, will have a huge impact.

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Pat Doyle

How do I get involved? 
It’s simple! Just reach out to Pat Doyle, Chief Development Officer at (518) 274-3781 ext. 2001
at and let him know you’d like to be a Club Champion!

You’ll receive t
he link to your fundraising page, along with instructions for personalizing your page, template information for email, text, and social media, and tips for success!

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What if I can’t raise $500? That seems like a lot!
There are many ways that you can achieve your goal and we encourage you to be creative! H
ere are a few tips to get you started!


Your experience with the Club is unique to you – so let people know why you are passionate about the BGCCA mission. When you make it personal, your friends and family will be able to see your passion and be inspired.


When you make the first donation, regardless of whether it is $5 or $50, you are saying to everyone you reach out to that it is important enough to you that you’ve put your own skin in the game. 


Say it often. Say it publicly. You’ll find that the simple act of thanking donors for their support reminds others that they want to support you, too! THANK YOU!


On average, it takes at least 3 asks for someone to remember to make their donation. Even if they meant to donate the first time, people often need a little nudge here and there. Make your ask, and don’t be afraid to ask again.



Host a bake sale, make brownies for every donor over $20, host a fundraiser for big sporting events, or promise to share an embarrassing photo once you reach your goal – you can make your campaign as fun and creative as possible! 

Remember that every dollar counts. Whether you don’t quite meet your goal – or surpass it by a mile, EVERY DOLLAR COUNTS. It all adds up to mean more opportunities for kids. More great futures that will get a kick start because of your support of BGCCA. 

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Champion List
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Donations mean:

$20    Academic or art supplies
$50    Healthy, nourishing meals
$100  Transportation for kids
$250  One teen related program
$500  Full day c
hildren's program


There are many ways to support BGCCA! Options include donating monthly, donating cryptocurrency, corporate giving, employer matching, planned giving, volunteering, and our ongoing wish list.

Visit our GIVE page to see all of the opportunities available!



BGCCA accepts cryptocurrency donations!

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Leave a legacy of community support.


Give the gift of your time to help BGCCA.


An ongoing list of supplies for Club members.


Corporate Partners make big impacts for our youth.

Monthly Gift

Monthly gifts help BGCCA all year long.

Employer Match

Double the impact! A win-win for everyone.


Make your secure online gift today to the BGCCA.

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