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BGCCA After School

After School

Boys & Girls Clubs of the Capital Area (BGCCA) provides a safe and nurturing After School (ASP) environment for children ages 5-12. These programs include dinner, enrichment activities, homework help, arts & crafts, game room, mentoring, tutoring, and a technology lab.


ASP programs support social and academic development, create a sense of belonging, promote physical health, build confidence, and provide a safe and supportive environment for our children and youth. BGCCA follows the City School academic calendar. All Day and Vacation Week programs are also available. Sign up via the Club Portal link!


Albany Clubhouse

21 Delaware Ave, Albany NY 12210
Sept 11, 2023- June 21, 2024

Monday-Friday, 2:30-5:30 pm

Ages 5-12.

David Gordon
(518) 462-5528 ext. 1013



EZRA Prentice Housing Authority
625 South Pearl Street, Albany, NY 12202
Sept 11, 2023- June 21, 2024

Monday-Friday, 3:00-6:00 pm
Ages 5-12.

Tim Pratt
Ezra Prentice Site Coordinator
(518) 274-3781 ext. 2008


Empire Afterschool Program

Albany School of Humanities

108 Whitehall Rd, Albany, NY 12209 
(518) 475-6575

Pine Hills Elementary

41 N Allen St, Albany, NY 12203
(518) 475-6725

Delaware Community Schools

43 Bertha St, Albany, NY 12209
(518) 475-6750

Eagle Point Elementary

1044 Western Ave, Albany, NY 12203
(518) 475-6825
New Scotland Elementary

369 New Scotland Ave, Albany, NY 12208
(518) 475-6775


Miriam Montes

Empire State Afterschool Program Manager
(518) 462-5528 ext. 1004

Troy Clubhouse

1700 7th Ave, Troy NY 12180

Monday-Friday, 2:30-5:30 pm
Ages 5-12. 

Chaniece Brown
Troy Clubhouse Site Coordinator
(518) 274-3781 ext. 2007

*NYS Office of Children and Family Services and the Department for Youth is a partial funding source of our Troy Clubhouse Afterschool and Summer Camp programming.

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Albany Schools ASP

For ASP services in other Albany Schools please visit for complete information and application links.

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After The Bell Rings

Kids spend 80% of their time out of school, often with no place to go, putting them at risk for being unsupervised, unguided and unsafe.


Research shows that out-of-school time programs work. Kids and teens who attend after-school and summer programs have better attendance, improved behavior, higher grades and test scores.


BGCCA Afterschool programs are proven to provide the academic support and enrichment needed to combat learning loss and academic disruption. Access to food, academic programs, sports facilities, and caring mentors provide opportunities to greater futures.

Child Safety Commitment
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