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Kids in Preschool

Fun Stuff!

Boys & Girls Clubs of the Capital Area (BGCCA) offers lots of fun materials for youth of all ages. Explore a maze, word search, optical illusions, puzzles, and much more! Great futures start here in Albany and Troy, NY!


Solve the Club Maze

Mazes can help us think outside the box, finding unconventional methods to solve a maze much more easily, that could stick in our minds for other situations. Take a journey from point A to point B or go backwards!



Optical illusions are images or pictures that we perceive differently than they really are. Put another way, optical illusions occur when our eyes send information to our brains that tricks us into perceiving something that does not match reality.


What do you see in each image?


Coloring Pages 

Print them out to add your own artistic flair!


Spot The Difference

This is a type of the puzzle games where two versions of the same picture are shown, which look very similar, and we look to find the subtle changes between them.

There are nine differences in both puzzles. Can you spot them?



BGCCA Word Find

Word searches are proven to enhance vocabulary, improve spelling skills, and strengthen concentration. Find all 22 words associated with Boys & Girls Clubs of the Capital Area!

BGCCA Word Find


Download a print version of the BGCCA Word Search


Summer Word Scramble

Unscramble the following words by rearranging the letters to form summer-related words. How many can you get?

Spoiler alert! If you get stuck, we've listed the answers near the bottom of the page. 

Word Scramble


Club Fortune Teller

Grab a friend and learn about the Boys & Girls Club's values in a fun and interactive way! Click here for the hi-rez version and then right-click to 'Save As.'


Once printed, carefully cut out the outside of the square image, and fold along the lines to create your own Boys & Girls Club fortune teller!

Fortune Teller

Why play is important

Allowing children to play autonomously is extremely important for their development and growth.

  • According to a report by the American Academy of Pediatrics, playing is essential for development as it benefits the child’s cognitive, physical, social, and emotional growth. Playing helps children develop social skills because they will learn how to get along with others, take turns and interact. Playing helps children develop healthy emotions because they will be able to experience and express conscious and subconscious emotions.

  • Children learn to share, resolve conflicts, make decisions, assert themselves, and work in teams through free play. Even playing alone can help children gain confidence, learn to be assertive, and make decisions, among many other skills.

  • Playing allows children to identify, express, and learn about emotions. Children often use the “imitation game” to describe what they see in life.  Children will become more aware of their own feelings and those of others, thereby managing emotions by expressing them through playing.

  • Children process their life experiences through free play. They do not see the world through the eyes of an adult and playing is an effective tool to better understand social situations by placing themselves in others’ shoes.

Allowing children to play freely has an enormous role in the comprehensive development of children. 

Kid Playing with Wooden Toys

Summer Word Scramble answers! 

Child Safety Commitment
Club Kid

Ages 5-12

BGCCA offers AfterSchool and Summer Camp programs.

Teen Night


The CLUB is a safe place for teens ages 13-18 in Albany and Troy, NY

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