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Employer Matching Gifts


Corporate matching gifts are a type of philanthropy in which companies financially match donations that their employees make to nonprofit organizations. When an employee makes a donation, they'll request the matching gift from their employer, who then makes their own donation.


Companies usually match donations at a 1:1 ratio, but some will match at a 2:1, 3:1, or even a 4:1 ratio. Matching gift programs encourage employees to put their trust in their employers. Not only do employees feel good about themselves after they make a donation, but they can feel good that their employer is philanthropic as well.

Ask your employer if they have a Matching Gift Program or use the sample letter below to request one be started at your company. 

Questions? Contact Tommy Breymeier, Director of Development, Corporate Giving, at tbreymeier@bgccapitalarea.org.

To request a Matching Gift Program from your company, copy & past the following letter into the body of your email:

I'm interested in supporting the Boys & Girls Clubs of the Capital Area (BGCCA) and their ongoing work with youth of all ages throughout Albany, Troy, Cohoes, Watervliet, and other area locations.

I've heard that many companies will match charitable donations made by their employees. This would mean that my gift to BGCCA could go even further in helping area youth to realize productive, caring and responsible futures.


Please let me know if our company offers a program like this, and how I can sign up to have my donation to BGCCA matched.

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Other ways to Support BGCCA

Donate Now - Make an online monetary gift to support ongoing mission of the Boys & Girls Clubs of the Capital Area (BGCCA) right now.

Corporate Sponsorship - Corporate volunteering, sponsorship, and peer fundraising are only a few of the several ways your organization or business can get involved with the Boys & Girls Clubs of the Capital Area.

Impact Tracks - This monthly giving allows donors to spread the financial impact of their giving across the entire year. 
Planned Giving - A planned gift can allow you to invest in the BGCCA mission, providing assistance to youth all over the Capital Area for generations to come. A planned gift can be your legacy, providing continued support long after your lifetime.
Wish List - The BGCCA accepts donations of items as needed throughout the year (New items are preferred). Take a look at our current wish list to see how you can support the Club!