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Helping Hand

Employee Fund

Boys & Girls Clubs of the Capital Area has an Employee Hardship Fund that is designed to assist employees in times of hardship.


Launched in response to past experiences, this fund was built and managed by BGCCA employees. It is meant to provide an initial surge of support and/or hope to get back on their feet.

This fund becomes critical for staff who have nowhere to turn or are overwhelmed with what life has thrown their way. It may not necessarily fix everything but it's a good start.

Employees who choose to contribute may setup a recurring monthly donation in the amount of their choosing via their credit card or checking account. Once enrolled, an employee can decide to change their monthly contribution amount or decide to stop contributing at any time. All employee donations made to this program will be matched by the BGCCA, up to $1,000 a year!

For contribution questions , please contact Pat Doyle at or 518-274-3781 ext. 2001


All eligible BGCCA employees are eligible to apply for funds under this grant regardless of whether they contribute to the fund or not. Eligibility starts after 30 days of working for BGCCA. The maximum amount to be disbursed to any single applicant within a 12-month period is $500.

Please note that while all efforts will be made to address the needs of the applicant, funding cannot be guaranteed.
 Decisions will be made within two weeks of an applicant’s submission. All requests for funding and disbursement funds will remain confidential.

Examples of hardship that would be considered under this grant:
Unavoidable disaster which impacts housing (fire, flood, etc.)
Health care needs of the employee or his/her family members
Urgent and essential home repair
Unexpected transportation challenges that affect work

For questions about applying please contact Tim Pratt at or 518-462-5528 ext. 2008


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