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Community Donation: Malik Dare

Malik Dare opened a GoFundMe and stationed a school supplies bin at a local barber shop on behalf of the BGCCA and raised over $2,000!

Local community leader, Malik Dare, in partnership with Tru Images Barbershop and Metabolic Meltdown, were able to raise $2,065 worth of school supplies for a back-to-school drive. Dare created a GoFundMe account through which people around the state of New York and throughout the country felt compelled to participate and donate to this profound cause.

Metabolic Meltdown donated a large amount of money to help ensure that students throughout the Capital District have the necessary tools to be successful this upcoming school year.

Dare stated that, “After a year of remote learning, this year more than ever is imperative for scholars to start the year off on the right foot and we wanted to make sure that they had the right tools to do so and who better to contribute to in this regard than the Boys and Girls club.” Metabolic Meltdown and Tru Images believed in Dare’s vision making it possible for our future leaders of tomorrow to maximize their full potential.

Thank you to everyone that donated and supported the cause!


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