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Boys & Girls Clubs of the Capital Area (BGCCA) offers a wide assortment of critical programs and services for youth of all ages. To meet the needs of our kids and continue to provide opportunities for great futures we rely on the generous support of individual and corporate support.


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Choose how you support

This page details all of our fundable 2024 events, initiatives and programs. Recognition benefits are available and vary by donation level.

Pat Doyle, Chief Development Officer, (518) 274-3781 ext. 2001 or
Soozey Walensky
Director of Community Engagement & Corporate Giving, (518) 462-5528 ext. 1009 or

Core Programs

UPK $10,000

Universal Pre-Kindergarten (UPK) holiday art supplies in all classrooms for one year. This includes materials to create gingerbread houses, decorations and more. 

Teens $75,000

Teens age 13-18 can drop in after school and have access to sports, the arts, volunteerism, academic pursuits, and more.

AfterSchool $60,000

AfterSchool programs provide a safe and nurturing environment for children ages 5-12 with dinner, enrichment activities, homework help, arts & crafts, mentoring, and more. 

Summer Camp $50,000

BGCCA provides a safe and fun summer camp experience that encourages kids to have the confidence to learn and grow.

Career & Education

Ultimate Journey $60,000

Ultimate Journey provides free outdoor opportunities like learning to ride a bike or how to snowboard to Capital Area youth. 

College Trips $20,000

College Trips allow our young adults the opportunity to investigate potential institutions to continue on their path to great futures.

Career Launch $60,000

Career Launch is the successful program providing training and resources to achieve career goals with a free and inclusive 8-week course.

Power Hour $2,000

Power Hour provides the weekly opportunity for kids and teens to get their homework completed with support from trained mentors.

Junior Staff $30,000

Junior Staff assists Club members ages 13 to 18 in exploring a career in youth or human services by completing a Club apprenticeship.  

Torch Club $5,000

Torch Clubs are small-group character and leadership clubs for youth ages 11-13 to meet the special development needs of younger adolescents.

Keystone Club $5,000

Keystone Clubs provides leadership opportunities for youth ages 14-18 with focus on: academic success, career prep & community service. 

Character & Leadership

Health & Life Skills

Food Program $60,000

BGCCA serves roughly 1,100 meals daily in Albany & Troy and includes costs for kitchen equipment and special events.

Freight Farm $20,000

Our Freight Farm is a hydroponic farm with  indoor growing technology that can generate as much produce as a two-acre farm annually, producing 500 heads of lettuce each week.

Smart Moves $20,000

SMART Moves uses a team approach to engage young people ages 6-15 in discussion & role-playing, strengthening decision-making skills and analyzing media & peer influence.

Healthy Habits $10,000

Healthy Habits emphasizes good nutrition, regular physical activity and improving overall well-being for youth ages 6 to 15.

Smart Girls $20,000

SMART Girls is a small-group health, fitness, prevention/education and self-esteem enhancement program designed to meet the needs of girls ages 8 to 18. 

Troy Drug Free  $20,000

Troy Drug Free Community Coalition (Troy DFCC) is a partnership of community members organized for the purpose of reducing substance abuse among young people.

Triple Play $20,000

Triple Play is a dynamic wellness program that is designed to help youth  to take charge of their personal health and wellness. 

Basketball $24,000

Basketball is offered in numerous weekly programs as well as the dedicated Skillastic program. 

Troy Pool $50,000

BGCCA Pool is located at our Troy Clubhouse, 1700 7th Ave, Troy and is used for both Club and public initiatives.

Soccer For Success $20,000

Soccer For Success uses soccer to improve children’s physical and mental health and overall well-being.

Sports & Recreation

Lyricism 101 $80,000

Lyricism 101 is a program for members ages 13 to 18 designed to cultivate and amplify the powerful and formidable voices of Club teens.

Art Supplies $5,000

Art Supplies provide the resources needed for each of our classrooms in our AfterSchool, Summer Camp and Teen programs.  

The Arts

Service Sustainability

Community Resources $10,000

BGCCA looks to provide community resources at our sites with the assurance of many civic and corporate partners.

Staff Emergency Fund $20,000

Staff Emergency Fund can be applied for by staff who are experiencing tough situations that require financial assistance.

Staff Conference $5,000

Staff Conference provides the opportunity for the entire organization to meet and collaborate on strategies and logistics.

Marketing $15,000

Marketing ensures the visibility of the organization to families who may not be aware of the services and opportunities offered.

Site Maintenance $60,000

Site Maintenance is required year-round at our Clubhouses to ensure the proper function and safety.

Transportation $30,000

Transportation for our youth is critical as we reach more and more kids-in-need in the Capital Area.

Staff Appreciation $20,000

Staff Appreciation may include events or custom materials designed to create stronger connections and help improve staff retention.

Staff Development $20,000

Staff Development helps to send our team members to trainings and conferences that sharpen their respective skillsets. 

Grants $10,000

Grant writing and acquisition requires dedicated resources to ensure the organization's continued present and future success.

Administrative $100,000

Administrative costs are a part of operating a service oriented non-profit and we look to defray these costs through donor support.

Technology $30,000

Technology is critical to the development of our youth and their opportunities for great futures.

Utilities $100,000

Utilities are taken for granted as are the associated costs for power, heat and communications.

Special Initiatives

Safety $150,000

Safety and wellbeing of youth is our #1 priority. We work to create a safe, fun environment so kids have every opportunity for great futures.

Violence Prevention $50,000

BGCCA will continue to voice the obligation we each have to create the safest possible environment for our citizens, espicially our youth.  

Club Shirt

Club Shirt Sponsor $40,000

Club T-Shirt sponsor will provide every youth and staff member a shirt that will include a BGCCA design featuring the sponsor name/logo.

Volunteer T-Shirt $10,000

Volunteer T-Shirt sponsors will provide every Club volunteer a t-shirt with a BGCCA design featuring the sponsors names/logos.  

Fundraising Events

Art In The Park $10,000

Art In The Park is our summertime fundraising event that features and outdoor activity along with Club staff and members.

For The Love of the Club $10,000

For The Love of the Club is our winter fundraising event that creates a larger peer-to-peer network of donors and supporters each year.  

Community Events

Game Night $10,000

Game Nights are provided weekly at our Club sites to encourage gaming and camaraderie.

Music Festival $10,000

Music Festival is an annual event that showcases youth from our Lyricism 101 program as well as local artists.

Youth of the Year $5,000

Youth of the Year is a recognition program for Club members, promoting service to Club, academic success; strong character; and more. 

Halloween $5,000

Halloween takes place at our Club locations providing a safe and spooky experience for all youth.

Winter Celebration $10,000

Winter Celebrations provide the space for all kids to enjoy holiday-themed programs and events.

Heroes Gala $10,000

Heroes Gala recognizes members of the Club and community who have created a positive impact.

Women's Tea $10,000

Women's Tea offers the space for women of all ages to share a moment of positive reflection. 

Juneteenth $5,000

Juneteenth provides the opportunity for our Club youth and the greater community to commemorate the end of slavery.

Thanksgiving $5,000

Thanksgiving meals are provided to our Club kids and any additional foods are sent home to their families.

Earth Day $1,500

Earth Day activities teach our youth about basic gardening and planting concepts related to the environment.

What Your Support Means

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Food Program


BGCCA serves approximately 1,100 meals to youth throughout Albany and Rensselaer Counties.
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