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2024 Inside Out

The community was invited to attend the opening (and closing) night of INSIDE OUT - a Club restaurant facilitated by our youth at the Troy Clubhouse on May 21st. Club kids served cauliflower tacos (regular or chili), mac & cheese, fresh cooked veggies, a simple salad, and a choice of lemonade or ice tea.

BGCCA provides programs designed to help young people make positive life choices. One of these programs is called “Mentoring 101” and incorporates the mantra “Positively Content”, which brings self awareness, self development and guidance to living a balance lifestyle. In this balanced lifestyle, financial literacy can help individuals reach their goals, through planning and execution.

Ty Allan Jackson, author of “Danny Dollar” and his most recent book “Make Your Own Money,” encouraged organizations to do an end project. BGCCA youth decided to facilitate a one night restaurant!

A little rain forced the restaurant to move inside but everyone enjoyed the meal and service! This program is provided by Boys & Girls Club of The Capital Area and the United Way of the Greater Capital Region.

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