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Allstate volunteers visit the Troy Clubhouse

BGCCA is thankful in October! We were very fortunate to have a group of volunteers from Allstate visit our Troy Clubhouse to help us with some important projects!

The work took place around the BGCCA Freight Farm which is our commercial grade, hydroponic farm with indoor growing technology, built inside a shipping container. More information about is available on the Freight Farm page.

The first thing they hammered out was the long-awaited new step for the doorway into the Freight Farm as the old step was looking a little worn and weathered. With some new lumber and a little hard work the new step is much sturdier and a real beauty!

Then the group busted out the directions and assembled a few galvanized raised beds. There were LOTS of nuts and bolts and once assembled the beds looked terrific!

After that, they picked up the drill again and put together a square flower planter box that we plan to use to display beautiful flowers next spring! The final task was to lug around the soil and put it in place. Everything looked perfect.

Thank you to these volunteers from Julius Ianniello: Allstate Insurance for empowering people and our community. Their hard work has helped us to receive a $10,000 Allstate Foundation Helping Hands Grant.

The Allstate Foundation supports the causes that Allstate agency owners, financial specialists and employees care about most by providing Allstate Foundation Helping Hands Grants to nonprofits where they volunteer their time to help communities thrive.


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