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BGCCA's Graduating Seniors

At BGCCA, we assist our youth in achieving academic success, no matter what that means for each kid or teenager. For many of our Club teens, that means graduating from high school. We are excited to say many of our BGCCA teens are graduating from high school this June! We’d like to introduce you to a few of our soon-to-be graduates:

Chyna Taplin

Chyna is an Albany High School senior and proud to be receiving her high school diploma in June. She joined the Club during her freshman year of high school: “I just saw it and walked in. And then I brought my siblings.” Chyna likes that she can “play ball and chill” at the Club, and says being at the Club helped her achieve her academic goals. After graduation, Chyna will be working part-time while she plans her next steps.

Anthony Davis

Club member Anthony Davis is graduating from Bishop Maginn High School, and he plans on going to college afterwards. He also plans on “playing ball and pursuing [his] dream of being a photographer.”

Tanasia Allen

Tanasia credits the Club for helping her pursue her academic and career goals: “The Club taught me about life.” After graduating from high school, she plans to “attend college, get a degree, and get a great (as well as great-paying) job.”


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