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Updated: Mar 27, 2019

There’s a lot going on at BGCCA. With fifteen afterschool sites, two teen programs, sixteen pre-k classrooms, and six summer camps, staying up-to-date is not an easy task. Worry not, though: we have various media platforms that showcase different information about our organization, such as news, announcements, and program updates.


If you like to know what the Club is up to during the week, as well as updates on our many events, then we highly recommend that you follow us on Facebook. We post at least once per week about our programs, initiatives, and upcoming events. You’ll also find our event pages on Facebook, with exciting updates on our sponsors, vendors, and more, so be sure to say you’re “interested” and “follow” those pages.


Are you an educator, child-care provider, or primary caregiver? Then you may find our Twitter to be a useful resource. On a near-daily basis, we share education-related articles from various education websites, like Edutopia and Teaching Tolerance. We tweet about class activities, great books for different age groups, and innovative classroom management techniques. You’ll also find the occasional picture of a Club kid; we have a lot of those.


This is where we highlight our youth’s achievements and post pictures of adorable children. Do you need more convincing?


What did we do last month? Read our newsletter to find out! This is where you’ll find everything from partnerships to collaborations, to program highlights. Did you know that our basketball team, the Bobcats, won their first game of the season? If not, maybe it’s because you haven’t signed up for our newsletter.


Considering that you’re reading this blog post, you’ve definitely found our website. You’ll obviously find our mission and purpose statements here, but you’ll also find information about our program sites, ways to support our Club (volunteering, donating…), and our monthly blog. We update regularly, so it’s worth stopping by every now and then to see what’s going on.

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