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Time to SHRED!

Ultimate Journey in partnership with the SHRED Foundation took 40 youth to Stratton Mountain in Vermont for snowboarding lessons this season. Our youth ranged in age from afterschool to teens for this multi week course which is part of the commitment upon signing up. The transportation, equipment and meal costs are covered for each participant. All of our youth upheld their commitment and progressed in their abilities on the slopes.

"We see kids who are so meek at first and then develop a great sense of confidence through learning how to snowboard. They all look forward to coming back!" said Rhyann Subcliff, Director of Ultimate Journey.

Ultimate Journey is a Club program designed to provide access to safe, fun outdoor spaces for our Capital Area youth. Club members will have the opportunity to be outside and play games, plant a garden, search for signs of wildlife, take a walk in the park, and much more. Learn more:

About the SHRED Foundation:

Based in Upstate New York, SHRED Foundation works to introduce the youth in local rural and urban areas to snowboarding, and to open their eyes to the opportunities and growth it provides. By harnessing the unifying power of snow/skate culture, SHRED works to inspire youth to follow an alternative path and to engage their drive and creativity to follow it. Majority of the kids that participate in the winter program have never stepped foot on a board. By teaching them something as simple as turning a piece of wood down a hill covered in snow, they walk away with so much more than a newfound passion for snowboarding. Special thanks to the SHRED Foundation and Stratton Mountain.

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