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Career Launch Program

Career Launch is Boys & Girls Club of the Capital Area's workforce development program which prepares teens for the world of careers and work. As of summer 2022, participants have completed 30,000 hours of employment with $500,000 in collective income.


Career Launch is free and inclusive for all young adults looking to enter the workforce. This 9-week program includes professional instruction to prepare young adults 16-24 for entry into livable wage career fields like construction, hospitality, agriculture, culinary arts, medical, and technology. Learning opportunities include financial literacy, goal setting, resume building, interviewing, job fair experience and more.

  • Get PAID while learning

  • Get help obtaining your driver's license and/or ID

  • Get help obtaining transportation, supplies, tools, and attire to start employment/training

  • Scholarship, Job Placement and Internship opportunities

To get started contact:

Albany Clubhouse
David Gordon Jr.
Program Manager Albany Clubhouse
(518) 462-5528 ext. 1013


Troy Clubhouse
Steve Figueroa

Workforce Development Program Director
(518) 462-5528

Through Career Launch, youth get the chance to explore various careers based on their interests and talents, determine the corresponding educational path they need to pursue, and map out a plan for their future.


The program incorporates the three pillars of BGCCA’S Workforce Development Framework:


1. Pillar One: Career exploration and matching. Through career exploration and matching, youth learn about and explore various careers and career pathways. They also reflect on and explore their strengths, interests, and passions, with the opportunity to match their interests to potential careers.

2. Pillar Two: Skills development (essential workplace skills). Through a focus on skills development, youth gain the knowledge and build the abilities that are essential for the workplace, including skills such as communication, active listening, setting priorities, professionalism, and ethical behavior.


3. Pillar Three: Work-based learning experiences. Through partnerships with community organizations, along with BGCA programs such as Junior Staff, youth have the opportunity to gain real-world work experience and job-readiness skills as they engage in summer jobs, internships, or other part-time employment.


The program is designed to help youth get around immediate barriers, easing their present needs by creating the proper environment for planning and training in a livable wage career. While on the road to a career the youth receive financial literacy training and professional mentorship to ensure they have all the tools needed to take ownership of their futures.

Thanks to a $50,000 grant from Bank of America, the expanded workforce development program will allow the BGCCA to reach even more young people with professional guidance and skills-building opportunities. The program also uniquely offers participants all the resources they need to succeed, such as transportation, nutritious food and identification documents.

In The News:

Boys & Girls Clubs of the Capital Area expands CareerLaunch program - Saratogian, August 20, 2021


Empowering Young People to Succeed

To help young people meet the workforce challenges of tomorrow, they need safe spaces, positive mentorship and work experiences today.


At BGCCA, we allow kids and teens to:

  • Explore their interests and passions

  • Develop their employability skills

  • Apply their knowledge to real-world work experiences

From an early age through high school, supportive Club mentors provide opportunities to explore careers and prepare youth with employability skills for future success. Clubs also connect teens to real-life work experiences such as internships and apprenticeships.

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