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Stop The Violence 2023

Violence Prevention:
Keep Kids Safe

Boys & Girls Clubs of the Capital Area prioritizes the safety of youth. With increasing gun violence affecting both Albany and Rensselaer Counties we call for solutions to protect our kids. BGCCA spaces are designed to provide a safe environment while our trained staff provide mentoring and guidance.


Violence prevention is part of the ethos during AfterSchool, Summer Camp and, in particular, Teen programming with character and leadership development opportunities like SMART Moves, Lyricism 101 and Career Launch. 


 This page is dedicated as a resource to finding an end to gun violence.

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Join The Club

Explore Club programs to see all of the unique opportunities available for Great Futures.  

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An ongoing list of Community resources from around Albany and Rensselaer Counties.

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- Talk with your family and friends about the importance of stopping preventable gun violence. See the 'Talk to Youth' section below

- Contact your elected leaders about important gun safety legislation.

- Make a donation to the BGCCA and help to support our ongoing mission to keep kids safe.

- Follow local anti-violence initiatives like SNUG (Should Never Use Guns) courtesy of Trinity Alliance.

Boys & Girls Clubs of the Capital Area calls for solutions to the gun violence in the Albany area. No matter what we look like, which side of the Hudson we come from, or what’s in our wallets, we each want our families and communities to be safe.

Modern Learning


Sadly, with gun violence becoming an epidemic in the US and here in the Capital Area, many of us are forced to have to talk to our kids about this topic far sooner than we’d like.

When talking to youth: Keep your message simple, direct, and use these conversations as an opportunity to reinforce your family’s own values.

  • Young children need simple information that should be balanced with reassurance. (See the video below)

  • Upper elementary and early middle school children can handle the information about the school's safety plan. 

  • Upper middle school and high school students may have strong and varying opinions about causes of violence in school and society. Parents should stress the role that students have in maintaining safe schools.

How to Talk to Kids About Shootings: An Age by Age Guide via TODAY Parents

Young Kids

Video made specifically for young children after challenging events.

Big Feelings: Sesame Street, Here for Each Other

June 2023

June 2022

Nov 2021

Interview with Paul Dunn by Darrell Camp


They discuss the violence epidemic in the Capital Area, local resources & partners, the power of music regarding violence, and the important impact we can each make to stop the violence.

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