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College Trip to SUNY Brockport

BGCCA facilitated a college trip to SUNY Brockport with 54 in attendance including lead staff David Gordon and Paul Dunn, as well as support staff LaQuinn Wilson, Brianna Jones and Chyna Taplin.

Local schools represented included: Albany High School, Albany Leadership Academy, CBA, Colonie High School, Green Tech Charter, Notre Dame Bishop Gibbons, Redemption Academy, and Shaker High School.

The group was inspired by a talk from Mike Brown, Assistant Director of Admissions - SUNY Brockport. The campus visit was followed by a trip to Six Flags Darian Lake.

Special thanks for support from community partners:

Anthony Jackson - Equinox Youth Services David Graham - Albany County District Attorney's Offices.

"I learned a lot by visiting Brockport and we had so much fun at Six Flags! When is the next one?" A. Rowlett, freshmen at Redemtion Academy

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