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Bobby the Bunny

Boy & Girls Clubs of the Capital Area (BGCCA) was honored to have Bobby the Bunny serve both as the organization's official mascot and as inspiration for Capital Area kids of all ages. He joined the team in 2021 after serving as a volunteer at many BGCCA events.


Bobby was an incredible inspiration to youth and adults throughout Albany & Rensselaer Counties. He taught kids how to be gentle and compassionate with animals. He soothed staff on stressful days. He brought joy and big smiles to our Clubhouses, community sites and public events.


Bobby the BGCCA Bunny

Bobby the Bunny

June 2015 - December 2022

After being scouted on the streets of Troy, NY while just a young bunny, Bobby has had one of the most lucrative modeling careers in the industry. Though he had a penchant for mischief growing up, Bobby was committed to using his modeling fame and fortune to help BGCCA create brighter futures.


Of his many interests and passions, Bobby considered helping youth and teens at the forefront, with fire safety not far behind. Partnering with BGCCA was a dream come true. When not actively working to build a better community, you would find this middle-aged Holland Lop snacking on kale or signing autographs in the Starbucks drive-thru. Read about his appearances at Earth Day in Albany and Kid's Summer Series in Troy. 

News10: Boys & Girls Clubs mourn passing of bunny mascot

"I love to teach kids about the importance of having kindness and respect towards animals.  It's really special to see kids who were once afraid of animals, come and pet me on their own. Each day we are building trust and learning that animals are friends that can provide companionship and comfort when we need it most."


Bobby's Memory

Make a gift in honor of Bobby's memory. All donations will benefit BGCCA and the youth we serve in Albany and Rensselaer Counties. 

Bobby's Favorite BGCCA Programs


Bobby loved Summer Camp because of all the fun stuff there is to do and learn. 


Bobby loved Ultimate Journey because being outdoors and in nature is so much fun.


Bobby loved the Freight Farm because they grow delicious stuff that we can eat.

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Bobby was a big advocate for volunteering and loved to hop right in with BGCCA projects around the community. BGCCA offers flexible volunteer options for individuals and groups.

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Bobby loved to go GREEN and donate recycling! Stop by your locals Hannafords and use the CLYNK kiosk to redeem your bottles & cans and choose the BGCCA as the recipient! 

Bobby's Gallery
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